Revibe Wellness Retreat- a HOTEL festival

Photo credits- Jesse Faatz

On Halloween weekend two weeks ago, I was lucky enough to attend the first festival back in the US since COVID shut down live events. What made this possible, safe, and unique event happen was the fact it was out of a hotel and fans could view the stage from their balconies. Revibe Wellness Retreat was two days of experimental bass music on Myrtle beach in South Carolina at the Double Tree hotel. Yes, ON the beach! So the views were out of this world. Coming from a girl who has been stuck in the city my jaw hit the floor when I first walked out onto out the rooms balcony. We had a perfect view to the stage with pier stretching out into the ocean in the background- very picturesque!

There were two stages- Vibe & Frequency. My group stayed at the frequency stage for the Deep Dark and Dangerous label takeover, Mersiv, Tvboo, and Wreckno!

A cool feature of the festival was that fans could purchase booths in front of the stages. This was a bonus if you wanted to be closer to your stage and have room to rage out. But most people purchased the booths for the opposite stage so they had the opportunity to see some of those DJs. Now these booth were 8ft x 8ft socially distanced sections where up to 4 people could be.

Security for this festival was super professional and friendly yet made sure to keep all fans safe by enforcing social distancing, masks, and four people to a balcony/ booth.

As a first time festival thrown by incredibly young people it was super impressive how professionally and smoothly everything was run with amazing elements that made it unique and truly set it over the top. It was also very obvious the festivals top concern was safety as this was thrown in a pandemic. They hired outside security and staffing to guarantee a seamless follow through with experienced workers. There were endless precautions to keep fans as safe as possible like room service merch, hand sanitizing stands, mandatory masks, security on each floors, and fans had to stay in their rooms . I also must add how I think the social media team did an incredible job of posting lots about the CDC guidelines, encouraging fans to get tested, and answering publicly any questions.

Some of the elements that gave Revibe the wow factor was first and foremost location. It was on a beach so the sunrise and sunsets were epic. Then to kick off the festival the first act to take the stage was Jess GeeOh who lead a Vinyasa Flow yoga class both days before any bass.

This was very beneficial to my muscles before all the dancing. Also just the obvious point it was in a hotel. This allowed for fans to rage comfortably and bonus points for decorating your rooms and balcony. There was also a live painter both nights who goes by name Morphias and he painted a intricate an detailed mural. On top of the DJs there was a whole nother line up for VJs, so each DJ had a visual artist (most festival do not have this so this was a cherry on top for visual production). Two more creatives on the lineups that weren't DJs also included beatboxers and even a half dozen flow artists. Revibe really went all out and thought off all the tricks. I am truly curious as the budget of this festival as the sound system and lighting production was equally impressive. Start to finish it was executed flawlessly. Even after the music ended on stage it kept going on the hotel tv's from the artists green room for after hour live streams.

Now to mention some of my personal highlights from the weekend-

I dressed up a penguin both days like mumble from Happy Feet

Went down solo to a booth on day two to just rage it out

Brainrack even commented on how hard I was raging!

I met Notlo in the elevator

Tvboo dressed up as Elvis, did a killer impression and even played a little melodic bit that was refreshing and breath taking

and finally I made it to RAIL where I belong to close out the festival for SoDowns set at the Vibe Stage! I was super grateful that when I went over to the vibe stage that I ran into these boys in shark onsies that I befriend while raging at Brainracks set. We all were wearing onsies and just dancing hard as fuck so we just became friends. So later in the evening when we cross paths at a different stage they let me vibe with them right up front! It was such a perfect way to end the festival- dancing with new friends!

It sounds cheesy but Revibe left me feeling so revibed! It was exactly what I needed after being without a festival since New Years Eve in Colorado. Having live event taken away was really starting to take a toll on me but attending this event has given me hope for the industry. I am confident in the EDM scene that is adaptive and resourceful. But most importantly it truly cares about its fans and connecting people with music safely.

I can't embed the aftermovie of the festival so here is the link to watch on Facebook-

In this post I use professional photos but to see the festival more through my eyes check out my Facebook and Instagram posts for photos and videos.

Thank you for making it this far into my blog post! I am truly thankful you care to read about my music adventures!

Hopefully I will be blogging soon but I feel it might be a while as its going to be winter and cases are going up and out door events cant happen. However my internship with Artificial People is going great. I am going to continue in into another semester taking over their Instagram and helping them promote. However the most exciting news is my boss told me to plan to come to LA in May! So stay tuned for that epic blog post!

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