3rd week of February: lots Excision ft. Trippie Redd

This week was an Excision takeover!!!!

For those of who who don't know who Excision is, he is an insanely talented dubstep DJ and producer with over 10 years of touring. He is considered the god father of the current edm scene because of his impressive sets with mind blowing production with tons of lasers, light shows, and HUGE visual boards showing top the line realistic computer generated animations. There are also two festivals curated and started by Excision- Bass Canyon and Lost Lands. I've been dying to see X live finally so It was exhilarating that I bought his festival passes and got to see him live this week.

So on Wednesday Lost Land tickets dropped. This is one of Excision festivals and Billboard described it as “The ballsiest, most brutal DJs and producers at a three-day dinosaur-themed music festival in Ohio.” This year it will be held at Legend Valley in Ohio for the fourth year in a row, on September 25-27. When the tickets went on sale I was quick to get VIP because it was only $350 for three days and I was prepared for the GA to cost that much. Here are the vip upgrades: Themed VIP viewing areas at both stages, Expedited VIP entry lane, Air-conditioned/ flushing bathrooms, Exclusive food and alcohol vendors, VIP-Exclusive merch Item. Also, all festival goers receive high fidelity earplugs which I think is dope! But it is because Lost Lands is home "1 million watts of earth shattering bass" produced over the infamous PK sound systems. This makes Lost Lands one of the loudest festivals in the world. I am blessed to be experiencing all that bass with my two best friends Jenny and Ellie. We decided we wanted to go to this festival as a trio because we all have great times at shows here in Philly together. We are also all moving in together this summer as well. Its amazing that I met Jenny at a Alison Wonderland concert and now we hit every show and fest together. It amazes me how music can build the best relationships! Our plan is to road trip out there and get and airbnb near the dino shuttle stop to take the lost lands bus to the actual festival grounds. I have no doubt in my mind with my two best friends this is going to be such a fun festival. It is like DisneyLand for headbangers! Ill attach below the official Lost Lands trailer, I have watched this about 40 times it makes me so excited and happy that Im finally going and have a solid rave fam to share it with!

Jeff aka X toured for about 4 years with his Detox set but finally he has unveiled his new evolution set and brought it on tour with amazing support like Phase One, Wooli, and Champagne Drip. At his Philly stop he had local support Cyber G who I really love.

I was super excited when he announced the evolution tour was going to be coming to Philly, then on top of that Steez Promo got the show to promote as well! This is his new "audiovisual experience" with 81 lasers and it all blew my mind. From having the bass shake me to the core and lasers so bright I had to wear sunglasses. I GIVE EVOLUTION TWO THUMBS UP! When I first showed up for the show I wanted to rail up front like I usually am but his PK sound systems were way to loud for comfort and decided to move farther back. Yes he even brought his huge festival speaker to the Fillmore- up close you could literally feel the music. EVEN FAR BACK I WAS BLOWEN AWAyYYYYY. I did not stop head banging the whole time with the biggest smile on my face! I can not wait till I get to see him again at Lost Lands with my besties again. Hopefully by then this blog will be at a different level and Ill be creating video vlogs to go along with my posts.

Wednesday and Thursday were dedicated to dubstep and Excision but Saturday I stepped outside my comfort zone and went to a rap concert. Trippie Redd was playing at the Fillmore and it sold out super fast. Luckily my mom got me tickets for my Christmas present seeing as Trippie Redd is the only rapper I like. It may be because he is a super sad boy or he smokes lots of weed, but the main reason is I think his beats are really chill and lyrics are actually meaningful and deep. I went with my best friend Ellie as usual and my other friend Andre. Even though we normally rave, we all still had an amazing night. We stayed in the back where we had PLENTY of dancing room and we went ham. It is great being able to dance it out with your besties and matching each others crazy energy. I love that we always are able to have a fun time. Going back to Trippie, the show itself was super short and he was not even on stage for half his set. Halfway threw he went off stage and didn't come back on for 20 mins and he didn't even perform for an hour ..... I know thats pretty shitty to be honest but I still had a fun time and when he was on stage he was super energetic and lit. He even had a live band performing with him made up of drums, a dj, and two electric guitars. The live band really added to the energy felt by fans and made Trippie sound way better as well. This was my first time seeing Trippie headline his own show, last year I saw him open for Travis Scott and its been great to be able to watch him grow. I hope he comes back to Philly again and I think he might tour soon. Trippie has dropped lots of works within the past year ie full length albums, singles, collabs, and music videos so he might tour again after this tour is done and wait an album cycle.

Thank you to those you who actually read this crazy blog. I am just trying to build my blog content up currently in hopes this leads to something- I have no idea what but Im here for the ride. Also, this is a great way to just document my crazy adventures and music journey. Currently, I am super happy where I am at right now- Attending Uarts for music business, promoting for steez, ambassador for livenation, and just attending a shit ton of festivals and shows. This coming week I am taking it easy, I am just attending Buku and Thriftworks at the Ave so I dont know if I will make a post but the following week is Tchami, Subtronics, then Mitis on back to back to back nights to kick off the start of my spring break so stay tuned.

Till next week- PEACE Kelly

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