LinkedIn- A Professional Platform for Musicians too

As an artist and a millennial, I was hesitant to make a Linkedin profile. In fact, my account is only a week old. I always had the notion that Linkedin was like a professional social media site for adults, so to say. Businesses and hiring managers, in my mind, where the only people who used this site to find potential employees, as well as people seeking jobs. This is very much a true statement but I didn't think that there was room on LinkedIn for musicians and artists. However, I was very wrong with that assumption. Linkedin is a professional platform for artists to grow their creative network and personal teams.

LinkedIn, when utilized the correct way by a musician, can be very beneficial for their career. First and foremost, LinkedIn is great for overall just finding connections in your field. Artists can find and then connect with professionals to work with whether it be to help promote their music, or offer studio time in the future or to book them at a venue. It is also just another form of a free outlet to put out and blast your musical work. This platform is also where all the professionals are so being active on LinkedIn shows you are professional as well. So it is a great way to build your brand professionally.

After learning more about LinkedIn from my professor and how to use it to my advantage I definitely plan on being more active on it. Currently, I am in college and looking for jobs in my desired field and LinkedIn is a useful tool in making connections and finding jobs even for musicians. Hopefully there some people reading this looking to hire promoters or social media managers! My specific niche is more live music, venues, EDM/ music festivals, and promotional work. At the moment I intern for Livenation and promote for Steez however I would like to use these gigs to grow my knowledge that can lead to future jobs. Ideally would like to continue promoting EDM shows but want to be employed at a music venue! In order to keep myself on track and find future jobs, I will keep my LinkedIn profile updated as well as being active in making connections and posts.

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