2nd week of February: My Headbanging Valentine

Typically on Valentines Day people go on formal dinner dates, make extreme attempts to show love, get a dozen roses, and other mushy gushy stuff. I will start by saying I am not a fan of valentines day, if you really love someone you should express it daily not just because some social holiday tells ya too.... ANYY WHOO ...

With that being said I wanted to spend this Valentines day doing something I love aka attend another show as usual. So Steez had a show at the foundry which I helped promote for. I was super excited for this show because Kaivons music really touches my heart and then Inzo is opening, who I also love who is super duper groovy. Great music to just dance the night away. A perfect valetines day show to attend with all my girlfriends.

The show ended early so my besties and I decided to go to The Ave to catch the end of Funtcase. It was a friday night so I figured mine as well keep the night going. It was my first time at the ave and I was not disappointed. The vibes there were amazing, just tons of bassheads headbanging. Everyone was super nice there and gave everyone space/ room to dance. Next time I will be there is either for Infekt next week after Trippie Redd if there is time but if not then I will be back in two weeks for Buku!

Saturday of course I attended another show, this time it was at Warehouse on Watts and the whole lineup was all dubstep female DJs. Zia and Sippy hit WOW on their Deviate tour. I wanted to attend for two main reasons. 1 ZIA threw down at hijinx and I only got to see half her set so I wanna see her again. 2 to support female DJs! All four really brought the heat and I didn't stop dancing the whole time! A great female empowering evening!

This was an eventful week for also planning for future shows. I got tickets to 5 tickets to upcoming shows at The Ave. A new venue to philly, originally it was called the sound garden but closed in 2012 and just recently reopened. I am super excited about this venue because it specialized in edm events and allows flow toys. The first ticket I bought was only $5 and it is to see Ekali March 21! Super excited to see Ekali on his World Away tour with graves opening. The other 4 tickets I got for future events at The Ave where all FREE. yes FREE! This is a great marketing tatic by The Ave, since its new this a great way to get their name out there. Plus its great for fans! The names that are playing for free Ill be honest I do not know that well but aye its a free fun concert and I get to show off my pixel whip skills at the ave ( I can't at other venues because they dont allow certain flow toys). However Mitis is one of the free shows and I love love Mitis really excited to finally see him live.

I never pay full price for concert tickets anymore with working with Steez and Livenation however when it comes to my all time favorites I will travel and pay i dont care how much. Louis the Child is my absolute favorite EDM group. The reason I went to Decadence CO solo and reason for attending Eforest this year. Originally on their Here For Now tour I was going to have to see them during finals and travel to Pitt. Then they announced a red rocks and Brooklyn mirage tour dates. I WAS OVER THE MOON when they announced this! I have never been to the mirage and have been waiting for one of my fav artists to play there. What makes this venue so dope is it is outside and has 360 visuals! Shoutout to my absolute best friend and fellow rail rider YALE for getting presale tickets with me and going to NYC with me to see my fav fav fav group!!!!! Not to mention Win and Woo are opening who I also deeply love and have been messaging on Insta. Also the Knocks are opening! I was supposed to see them this summer but plans changed so..... basically the whole lineup for the evening is amazing and I heard LTC is playing TWO sets! 2! A playground set and dj set I am pretty sure ?

This week coming up I will be seeing Excision at the Fillmore 2/20. This is his all new Evolution tour with a whole new audio visual experience... I have seen previews from friends who attended earlier dates.... and all I have to say is DAMN. Just all those lasers (81 to be exact) and his huge visual boards. I am super excited I was able to promote this show through Steez and be able to attend with my rave family. Again from what Ive seen online from this tour it is just so mesmerizing! Then on Saturday I am seeing a non Edm show- Trippie Redd. I am not a big rap fan but there is something about trippies sad boy rap that gets me.

Thank you to everyone that reads my posts and follows along with my music adventures!

Till next week- PEACE


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