1st week of February: Canada, Pollen, 3 shows....?

What a week it has been! It was one of those weeks where I simply feel blessed and constantly am reminded why I chose working in the music industry. From buying festival passes to attending 3 shows, working two shows on back to back nights, and partnered with a new brand.

As many of you know I love to travel for music and for festivals. For new years I went to Decadence in Colorado. My next festival is Ubbi Dubbi in Austin TX on April 18-19 and the next one after that is Electric Forest in Michigan on June 24-28. However this past week I was on the fence about which festival to hit in-between Ubbi and Eforest. I wanted to hit a festival before Electric Forest as kind of a warm up and prep for it, as its a long intense festival. So I chose Ever After in Kitchener Canada June 12-14. This seemed like the best option as its a week before Eforest and will be a great to get back into the festival gear and mode.

Ever After is a dubstep heavy camping festival in Ontario with 3 stages and even a water park. Headlining is Rezz, Zeds Dead, and the world premier of Slander b2b Subtronics. I will not be camping so that I can have everything ready for the next week but my rave fam got a nice mansion near by the festival. I chose to get the VIP package because in USD and with Pollen's discount it was only 204$ for three days with tons of perks like-Thursday Pre-Party - separate and early entrance - Exclusive VIP Areas - Private VIP Bar & Water Refill Stations - Express Lines at vendors- Unlimited Access to Waterpark, Games & Midway. Also a major plus is in Canada the drinking age is 19. However, I do not drink and am much more interested in their legal marijuana scene and am excited to hit dispensaries while I am there. After doing digging on the festivals website I found out fans can bring in up to 10 pre rolled joints! You already know that is exactly what I'll be doing! Also disclaimer I am medical marijuana patient in the state of PA but a heavy advocate for both medical and rec use. I am very open and honest about my marijuana use .... chances are if you're reading this you enjoy sparking up too but if youre not into it thats fine as well.

For those of you who aren't into this kind of music- THIS LINEUP INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to see almost every artist on the lineup. But the selling point for me is the WORLD premier of the wild ass b2b ( I DO NOT even know what to expect at that set) and Zeds Dead my allllll time favs. I am excited to see Rezz headlining, I have never seen her so I wont miss her set there. The smaller names I am HYPE HYPE HYPE about and won't miss are- Yultron, Whipped Cream, Lucii, Boogie T, Ghastly, Moody Good, space jesus, and Vnssa. AND TWO WHOLE Svdden Death sets- a b2b and THE VOYD!

Im going to attach the ever after official after movie that gives a glimpse at how magical this festival is!

Now before I mentioned that I was able to get discounted tickets threw Pollen. Pollen is online marketing and promoting platform for shared experiences like nightlife, festivals, and travel. This is the brand I am excited to be partnered with, now I am obviously specializing in their festival niche. With that I am able to share rewards and discounts with friends. Right now the deals I have available are:

$5 off for Ubbi Dubbi and Sunset music festivals, majorly discounted passes for Ever After, free early entry passes to Big Wild 8/29 at the BK Mirage. To find these deals CLICK HERE to bring you to my Pollen tab.

The past two months I have truly found a love for promoting and marketing EDM shows. Being apart of the Steez Promo team has been a blast. This past week we had two shows that I promoted for Steez- Liquid Stranger 2/6 at TLA & ARMNHMR 2/7 at The Foundry. At the beginning of the two shows I worked for Livenation and would get fans to sign up for email letters and giveaway a pair of free tickets to those who did sign up. This is a lot of fun because I get to connect with fans and I always make new friends this way. Once the music starts Im done working for Livenation for the night and get to enjoy the rest of the show. With Liquid Stranger after I was done working I joined the rest of my group on rail. I however just stayed for one set - SULLY. I left after his set because I was tired and had school and another show the next day. Fun fact Sully is the name of my cat, but the DJ Sully really threw done and I had a blast with all my friends front and center. For ARMNHMR I did the email sign up and give away like the previous night before the show. I got a lot more sign ups at LS mainly because I had a lot more time before doors and the first DJ to talk to fans. After getting sign ups and the first DJ started then I joined my friends at front and center rail AGAIN. A great perk of getting there early to work was I actually got to meet ARMNHMMR! They were super sweet and glad to meet their fans. This show I stayed the whole time because it was a Friday and I am a much bigger fan of ARM than Liquid Stranger. It just so happen this show was the day they dropped their new album "Free World" and I was super stocked they played a great mix of their old, new, and remixed songs. This show was at The Foundry a super small intimate venue that sometimes DJs can't bring their visual boards because its that small. However ARM did have visuals and I was impressed. I actually ended up messaging them on instagram to find out they outsourced a special board for this one show so they could have visuals, and I thought that was dope. At the end of the show I exit flyered with Steez Promo handing out flyers for future steez shows. Even though I had to miss the last song so I could be ready to flyer I enjoyed getting to meet more steez promoters.

I actually ended up attending three concerts this week. Last minute I decided to attend Tove Lo at the Fillmore on Sunday with a friend I met up with at ARMNHMR that I met at Hijinx. Although this was not a EDM show and I was way in the back I still had a blast. Tove Lo's music was great and such a chill vibe great vibe for a Sunday night with my two friends who also rave. It was such a change of pace but very enjoyable.

*not my photo courtesy of Garfinkel Photography

Next week I have one show that am both working attending on Valentines Day- KAIVON. I also have promoting this show with Steez as well and glad to announce its our third sold out show in February. I am super excited to see him live at such an intimate and small venue The Foundry. I will be seeing him at Ubbi Dubbi a festival which is just two totally different experiences and settings. Inzo is opening who I think is super groovy and just a great DJ to dance to. So I know my valentines day is going to be epic, just filled with dancing and music. I will attach a short video of one of sets on his most recent Transformation tour.

Thank you to the people that actually read these blog posts! I just want a way to share and document all my adventures. I am hoping to grow this blog in many ways like including videos and writing about many different aspects on the music industry and my experiences at live shows. I am only at the beginning and entry level of the music business and I truly look forward to seeing how much I can learn and all the music lovers I can connect with.

Till next week- PEACE


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