Life Update- Live Nation & Steez Promo

An exciting new decade is HERE! and boy have I got some updates and news for y'all!

First and fore most, I am excited to announce I will be weekly blogging again....

Last time I blogged regularly was when I did my volunteer trips to Kenya!

Now I am living in Philly attending Uarts for music business and currently promoting for an EDM company Steez as well as a Livenation ambassador.

My new blog will be dedicated to music and all my musical adventures!

I have always loved edm- electronic dance music mainly because as an artist/ Dj sampling & music technology allows for limitless creation. Within the past couples months I have full on thrown myself into the scene and haven't looked back! Maybe its the crazy senseless dancing around like a jumping bean or maybe its all the PLUR. PLUR is definitely the main reason I love the scene: peace love unity and respect. Those are the four main pillars of the scene and how edm fans live. Unlike rap shows and other shows I have been to, the PLUR vibes at EDM shows is what makes it. Everyone is so friendly and nice and really warms my heart. Sadly the edm community gets a lot of hate because it isn't really well understood but thats the goal of my blog- to spread all the PLUR

I have spent the last three months intensely studying PLUR and the EDM community in preparation to bring back my blog as well as being a successful promoter for an EDM company.

In the month of November I attended- Loud Luxury, Ayokay, Blunts n Blondes, bear grillz, and Ganga White Night

December- Madeon, Alison Wonderland, Yultron/ Troyboi, Nghtmre

January- Zeds Dead, Slander, Deadmau5, Win & woo/ Matoma

I also attended two festivals BACK TO BACK! I was happy to dance four days straight- I truly can not express how worth every penny this was. Since it was semester break and the end of the decade I wanted to do something epic! So I decided to attend Hijinx in Philly then fly to Denver for Decadence right after. Seeing my favorite group, Louis the Child, during the ball drop at . Decadence was the highlight of the year and easily the happiest I have ever been. THERE was no other way I'd rather bring in the new year than dancing the night away.

Upcoming I have over two dozen shows planned and bought 2 festival passes:

Upcoming shows planned-

Feb.- Liquid Stranger, Armnhmr, Kaivon, Funtcase, Zia/ Sippy, Excision, Trippie Redd, Buku

March- Tchami, Subtronics, Mitis, Jauz, Trampa/ OG Nixon, Hippie Sabotage, Ekali

April- Blunts n Blondes, Mersiv/ Manic Focus, Boggie Trio/ Sodown, Adventure club/ Carnage


April 17-18 Ubbi Dubbi in Texas

24-28 Electric Forest in Michigan

Yes I know this post isn't organized well and Im all over the place but aye this is my blog this isn't a formal response to one of my professors so I hope you can hear my personality

I am so excited to update my websites look to match my new music adventures and new promo job as well. I will be posting next week and these posts will vary in topics but they will be not to miss; so make sure you sign up for the email subscription.

Within the next week I am attending TWO shows and working TWO ! So next weeks post will be great!

Till next week- PEACE


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