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February 25, 2020

February 18, 2020

January 31, 2020

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5/25 - Not a GoodBye, but a See you Later!

May 25, 2018

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Life + Music Update

January 31, 2020


 An exciting new decade is HERE! and boy have I got some updates and news for yall!

First and fore most I am excited to announce I will be weekly blogging again....

Last time I blogged regularly was when I did my volunteer trips to Kenya! 

Now I am living in Philly attending Uarts for music business and currently promoting for an EDM company Steez as well as being a Livenation ambassador.


My new blog will be dedicated to music and all my musical adventures!


I have always loved edm- electronic dance music mainly because as an artist/ Dj sampling and music technology allows for limitless creation- but within the past couples months I have full on thrown myself into the scene and haven't looked back! Maybe its the crazy senseless dancing around like a jumping bean or maybe its all the PLUR. PLUR is defiantly the main reason I love the scene: peace love unity and respect. Those are the four main pillars of the scene and how edm fans live. Unlike rap shows and other shows I have been to the PLUR vibes at EDM shows is what makes it. Everyone is so friendly and nice and really warms my heart. Sadly the edm community gets a lot of hate because it isn't really well understood but thats the goal of my blog- to spread all the PLUR


I have spent the last three months intensely studying PLUR and the EDM community in preparation to bring back my blog as well as being a succesful promoter for an EDM company. 

In the month of November I attended- Loud Luxury, Ayokay, Blunts n Blondes, bear grillz, and Ganga White Night

December- Madeon, Alison Wonderland, Yultron/ Troyboi, Nghtmre 

January- Zeds Dead, Slander, Deadmau5, Win & woo/ Matoma


I also attended two festivals BACK TO BACK! I was happy to dance four days straight- I truly can not express how worth every penny this was. Since it was semester break and the end of the decade I wanted to do something epic! So I decided to attend Hijinx in Philly then fly to Denver for Decadence right after. 


Yes I know this post isn't organized well and Im all over the place but aye this is my blog this isn't a formal response to one of my professors so I hope you can hear my personality 


I am so excited to update my websites look to match my new music adventures and new promo job as well. I will be posting next week and these posts will vary in topics but they will be not to miss so make sure you sign up for the email subscription. 


Within the next week I am attending TWO shows and working TWO ! So next weeks post will be great!



Till next week- PEACE













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