5/25 - Not a GoodBye, but a See you Later!

I just want to have a selfish moment to say how proud I am of myself. The first trip really pushed me outside my comfort zone and how much I cried and wanted to leave. And then choosing to come back! With these children I have learned more than I'll ever teach them. I have grown so much during these trips and have a new outlook on life as well as new gratitude and aware of how great I have it back home. Although the goodbyes are hard it's more of a see you all later. These students have really gotten attached to me and I have too. It's hard to leave for a weekend and I will be back over winter break. I love them. I hope all of them stay in school and continue to learn and grow.

They are all bright kids and I know if they fully apply themselves and continue their education they will be successful and get out of Kibera. The sad fact and statistic is that out of my 40 fifth graders only 3 or 2 will graduate high school and only one will go to college. Hopefully that will change and hopefully I help facilitate that change and stigma. I hope these kids truly realize that education is key to a better future that will get them out of the slum.

These two weeks I have been so blessed to have touched the lives of hundreds of students through several subjects in three schools. Although my days were super long and tiring they were also filled with so much joy and great memories. It was a pleasure being a teacher for these young bright kids and meeting so many teachers. I am so happy I made these opportunities for myself and am glad I have found it in me to continue and plan on coming back for a third time. I obviously have to thank god and my parents for believing in me and keeping me sane. And to all my donors that have generously given their money that helps me make this possible, I was able to buy two of my schools all new schools supplies for all their classes. So please enjoy these final pictures and this last post.

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