5/23: Another Good Day in the Class

As much as I would love to take more group photos with the kids sometimes it’s hard because 1.) we are busy teaching and on breaks we are having too much fun or 2.) I’m the only teacher and no one can take my picture. So thank you for just reading and not seeing as many pictures. I’ll try to get some these last few days.

End of commercial break.

But okay. Real stuff. I have been spending 45$ usd a day in school supplies from donations I raised. It’s so fun. I love going into the little ‘shops’ in Kibera and buying out little ‘stores’. The ladies are always so happy. I figured I’d buy the supplies from people in Kibera to help out the families that live in the stores and depend on them and to contribute to the economy there. Plus it’s so so much cheaper then buying supplies at the mall. Every morning on my walk to school I buy stuff from various families and fill up a suitcase ! Today I bought 100 boxes of chalk and 20 boxes of pens for Global one. Tomorrow I’ll buy 100 copy books and 50 packs of crayons for Star of Hope ! My heart melts when my kids and teachers receive them. Again sorry for the lack of pictures. But one amazing thing or characteristic about Kibera I noticed last time and this time, is their peace signs. I’ll attach pictures of those and I’ll let you ponder why they are every where! ​

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