5/22: Lake Nakuru and Naivasha

Lake Nakuru is much much different from Masi Mara. First off it is so much smaller (its lake covers 45 km but total area is 188km). Masi Mara is also more of a plain and Savannah with little tree coverage. But Nakuru National Park is a dense forest like jungle. Masi Mara is not fenced in because of cross country migration and its size. But Nakuru is fenced in because it is a strictly protected and monitored area for some almost extinct species.

It is located in the Great Rift Valley, the lake has no outflows, is salt water, and never freezes. This place is best known for its protection of white rhinos and it’s millions of birds. It is home to 26 white rhinos (for those of you who read the last male white rhino died, it is a lie to get money and it was the last one in captivity), (no cats), millions of flamingos, wart hogs, waterbuck, Roth’s child giraffes, burchells zebras, pelicans, African fish eagle, golaith heron, pies kingfisher, gazelles, water buffalo, and monkeys ( black and white colobus, vervet, and olive baboon).

Lake Naivasha is a freshwater lake where we got a boat tour ! It is 139 km and is known for its dense population of killer hippos. Yes I was actually super happy to be in a tiny boat around hippos that have killed native and tourists in the past 5 years. We were lucky enough to see three hippos out of water which is super rare and saw so so many interesting and beautiful birds super duper up close. The lake actually has over 400 species of birds.

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