5/20-21st: Masi Mara

This was my second time going on the safari but man o man it was so worth it. In the 1510 km park we had to drive around and kinda look hard and hunt for animals. It paid off. This trip was amazing we saw so many animals: Gravy zebra Thompson gazelle Masi giraffe Reticulated giraffe Black rhino Cheetahs Leopard Lots and lots of lions Water buffalo Hippos Heron Ostrich’s Elephants Impalas Wildebeest Wart hogs Meerkats Lots of cool looking birds Baboons Black backed jackals Hyenas Sable antelope Reedbuck Dik-Dik Sorry I haven't taken as many photos as last time. I had my phone away and focused more on getting professional pics on my camera and will post those HQ pics at a alter time! Thank you!

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