5/19 - Masi Village -Nkorero

It was such an amazing experience to visit the Masi Village Of Nkorero (got its name because of the trees).

So some quick facts: Village of 200 with 20 families They are all related and from the same god father. Different pattern massi blanket for different families. Wear red for communication and scaring away bad animals. They can’t grow any food or plants because their animals eat them. They have goats, chickens and cows. Houses are built by women and take 2 months and last 9 years. Every nine years they change location and rebuild near by. Houses are made of clay and cow poop. And wood Tattoos are given by burning a stick and branding and mean beauty. To practice not showing pain they give themselves these burn tattoos (I got one). Men here have Multiple wives. They don’t pick their first wife, their parents do, but they can pick the rest. They have to pay 10 cows to the wife’s family. The number of cows will decrease if they can jump high. Jumping is a competition there. They are most famously known for the jumping in their welcome dance. Welcome dance is performed at important events and holidays like first rain and wedding and circumcision and naming of kids. Boys when turn men, they spend 5 years in the bush to prove themselves and will get married as soon as they come back and after they kill a lion. The Village is in a circle and animals are kept in center and at night Men take shifts to watch the village and animals.

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