5/17: Surprising my Kids!

Boy oh boy was I excited to see my kids from Global One again. I didn’t tell them when I was coming back, just that it would be in May. You can see the video of me surprising them at https://www.facebook.com/kelly.graffin.75/videos/1017639805071003/?t=23 ! I can’t believe they all remembered me!!!! I was crying so hard when they all greeted me with strong hugs and warm words. Even the teachers and admin remembered me and were glad to see me back. Sadly, I won’t be teaching full days here since I have to divide up my time at three schools. I did half a day today at Star of Hope teaching the ABC’s and kitchen utensils. But then I made my way to Global One and after I surprised the kids I taught them how to find perimeter of rectangles and then we played games, skipped rope, and had fun with bubbles. Tonight I am working on my lesson plans for Grade 5 math (conversions) and the music lessons for Olympic that I will start on Monday.

Thank you to everyone who has been following my blog and posts on Facebook, it means the world. Remember to check back tomorrow !

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