5/16 Monsoon: a Musical

Today was Christmas !! All my musical donations finally arrived! So, last time when I came I shipped over several huge boxes of clothing, school supplies, toiletries, and books. However, they arrived two days after I left due to customs issues. So a volunteer coordinator distributed them for me. I asked them to hold the boxes with musical instruments till I got there now. I had 30 recorders, 3 ukuleles, 4 sets of maracas, and several tambourines and hand held drums. This time around I'll teach school at Global One and do some music lessons between classes and teach after school music lessons at Olympic ! The only other music teacher here is Nicole so we want to work together and go to other schools like Star of Hope and a few others. I want to help the most kids in the amount of time I'm here. So, that means splitting up my time between multiple schools and teaching many subjects (obviously MUSIC) Christian Religious Ed., English, Math, Geography, History, and Science. After tuning the Ukes and making lesson plans we went out for sushi to celebrate the start of volunteering and to better get to know each other. However, it's rainy season ! Monsoons every night !

So we got stuck in traffic for 1 hour. And we then decided to walk because we were so hungry. Man the streets where flooded !!! But we finally got here and you know me. Sushi is my favorite food !

Sue and I singing some where over the rainbow and planning a house Kenya Idol

Sue and I singing "Somewhere over the rainbow" and planning a house Kenya idol.

Authentic Kenya made pants.

Thank you to everyone who has been following my blog and posts on Facebook, it means the world. Remember to check back tomorrow!

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