5/15 it's our problem free philosophy

I woke up at a reasonable time today! Sorry to start with that but it was a big feat! So today all these other volunteers came for orientation to find out their placement (where they'd be volunteering) and their homestay. Before I came this time I told the director I wanted to stay at the same house and the same school as I did last time. When they left the volunteers that stayed here with momma Sarah Miriam and me the ones that left were Mike from New Jersey, Sue from China, Alex from Mexico, Nicole from Kentucky, and Ash from Australia. We are all doing the teaching program at a few different schools. Nicole and I will also be doing after school music programs. We also planned out the weekend trips! This weekend is going to be so exciting. Another three day safari and this time is migration season so it'll be so amazing and so many animals. Tomorrow I can't wait to see all my kids and teachers from Global One!

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