1/13 Nariobi Day Tour: Meeting the wildlife!

I knew this day was going to be spectacular! It was a hands on experience with all kinds of animals. First we started at the Giraffe Center. And of course there were lots of kisses!


This is Stacey. Stacey's mom has got it going on....reference song!

Always have to get selfies!

This is Marge and she's a pellet hog! But she loves kisses.

Then we went to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust for orphaned elephants. We got to see the elephants play in mud and be fed.

Masia Mara tribe members that greeted us.

Next we went to Mamba Village to see crocodiles and ostriches. For the crocodiles I got to help herd them....definitely not my calling. For the ostriches I didn't get many pictures because they were shy. Then I got to hold a baby croc and give more kisses along with a turtle that was way TOO heavy and then a lil cute baby turtle.

and more kisss!

That turtle was so heavy!

Now this one was perfect!

Some very shy ostriches!

Then was LUCH! CARNIVORE! The largest restaurant in Kenya, it is an all you can eat meat buffet. There were lots of meats from regular to wild: ox balls, ribs, lamb, rabbit, crocodile, turkey, chicken, pork, beef, and ostrich. I ate so much and ended with chocolate opera cake.

Then was the monkey park. I'll be honest I didn't know I had a fear of monkeys till I was surrounded by them and I started freaking out! I sat on a bench to get away and they followed and hopped on me....I stated to cry. But after feeding some more I got used to them. It was a great day and I had a blast with all of the volunteers!


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