1/11 A Fun Filled Day

Today was a pretty fun class. I only had 9 students because the others were still getting their free medical exams (check prior post). So it made sense to not start a new lesson with 1/4 of the class present. So I went over some old math problems. This time with funny word problems. Example: if Jim Bob has 134,943 lollipops and gives 46,001 to Sally Joe, how many does he have left? Then we wrote thank you cards for other volunteer teachers that are leaving tomorrow. And lastly when there was nothing else to do we played music and danced. They asked me to sing to them so I did, Can’t Help Falling In Love. They loved it and Churchill noticed the lyrics were on my arm. So Shelton then wanted to sing it. So I put the first section of the lyrics on the board and taught them the song. It was a great day filled with laughs and selfies. These kids love selfies ! So enjoy these cute pictures that will be sure to make you smile 😊

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