1/10 Spur Afrika Clinic

I walked into school today to all of the kids saying we were going to the hospital to take out teeth. The other volunteers and I were so confused! So we walked with all of the kids across town to this big gated building. Once we were inside all of the kids filled the empty space. I noticed through the wall in the back there were missing bricks(big chunks) and I could see people moving around. I walked out back and was pleasantly surprised. Under a giant tent were multiple doctors. I immediately found the nearest adult and asked what this is and what is going on? Turns out it was a health clinic that was free for students. Spur Afrika was started by a handful of Chinese medical students and they travel around to third world countries with many volunteers to supply free medical attention. They have a different clinic on each day: students, HIV/AIDS positive, moms to be and general.

The first station they filled out medical forms with name, DOB, age, parents phone number, grade and school. I noticed just about every child struggled with their birthday and parents cell phone numbers. Most kids put just a year or a year and month for their birthdays. I guess birthdays are viewed as unimportant and not celebrated.

The second station was for eye exams. Most kids really struggled with reading the eye cchart. I noticed

literally no Kenyans wore glasses and the students are so fascinated with mine. Families either don't believe in aiding in vision or can't afford it. Just overall there are no opportunities here in Kibera!

The third station was height and weight. Very easy except for the fact 3/4 of the kids were extremely under-weight.

The fourth station was a one-on-one meeting with a doctor. They checked pulse, blood pressure, ears, nose, throat and teeth. Right now they are having a lot of cases where kids have worms in their stomachs! Last stop was for medication for worms, pain, diarrhea, etc. They also drew blood, gave vaccination and cleaned and pulled teeth. The kids were right. So many teeth were pulled because of rotting, decay and disease. Watching kids get teeth pulled was hard, but I was able to help by holding their hands and singing.

In two days I had the good and the bad of medical encounters. Yesterday with Willie having a seizure, his teacher not caring and having to carry him to an ER. Now today there is a free medical clinic for kids! While walking around for 4 hours, helping to keep the kids waiting patiently, there were a lot of common cases: possible malaria, cholera, yellow fever, teeth decaying, bone fractures, undiagnosed asthma, WORMS and one hernia. The most important part was 500+ kids received free medical advice, medications, and vaccinations. It is truly wonderful what Spur Afrika is doing, it is so needed and impactful.

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Walking to the clinic. These students are so disciplined, they stayed quiet and in a straight line all through town.

Teeth removal using injected anesthesia.

Medical supplies and medications.

At the end everyone drew a health safety coloring page. This boy was upset because he got two

injections. And the other kids didn't want their pictures taken because of gauze in their mouth after having teeth removed. So happy I could be part of such an extraordinary movement for free medical aid.

literally no Kenyans were

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