Star of Hope

Not gonna lie, I didn't expect myself to be this uncomfortable. I am so out of my comfort zone. Honestly, thought I could handle this emotionally. There is just so much love with such little material good. The tin houses in Kibera are covered with dust and sorrow. No electricity or running water. Every day they line the streets selling second hand goods barely getting by, they starve. As I walk by I can feel the desperation. I can see the need for something more. However, they don't know of anything better. Most seem content with their hard work and dirt covered lives. This makes it harder on me.

Today I spent a half day at Star of Hope Primary Christian Academy. The only grade present was year 1. The language barrier was the most robust obstacle I have ever encountered. None of the kids knew English. However, we sang, prayed, laughed and ate together, which charmed my heart. Despite not being able to verbally communicate we shared a great day filled with smiles.

But I am transferring to Global One Upper Primary School with the four other volunteers I live with. I'll be teaching English, Math, and Christian studies for grade 5 - 8.

Please make sure to check out all of the pictures below. I will be posting every day of my experience volunteering in Kenya!

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