Temporary Living Quarters on New Years Eve

Currently writing this New Years Day at 6 am because of jet lag and this darn rooster!

So yesterday I arrived at my temporary living quarters at 4am and slept to 4pm. When I finally woke up I meet the four other volunteers (3 from Australia and 1 from Ireland). My roommate, Vanessa, is from Texas! So we all talked for about two hours and then decided to go to the mall. We walked about a half hour through the slums. Now these slums are depressing. There are little tin building, sewage in the little creeks between the gravel road and dust/ dirt side walks, and people burning their trash. The mall however, was pretty swanky. They had fairly lights every where. I went to their drug store to get more deodorant, a bath towel, snacks, bottles of water. and chapstick which can to 3000 shillings= $3 usd. Then we went to a bar for a little but couldn't stay long since our curfew was 8:30. When we got back we enjoyed some baked dough (not bread, kind of like a biennia) cooked fresh by Momma Sarah our house mom. Then two more volunteers joined us, both from Wisconsin but they didn't know each other. We then all watched some Keeping up with the Kardashians. Then we had 'real talk' with Shawna. Okay, first, Shawna is almost a local here, been here for 8 weeks and came to our home for the day because had been staying alone at her homestead and need people. So Shawna gave us a talk bout pooping, and weeing, and puking. How it is all natural just a little different here and how you can't be afraid to ask for help WHEN you get backed up or have diarrhea because it happens to everyone. Man am I excited.

Also, people here are majority really racist to white people, keep in mind there is just about no laws here, there are two prices; a price for natives and a price for whites. They call us Musanquos here. You don't need to know Swahili to know when they talking about you. Like on the way back from the bar to our house we had to haggle with the taxi driver because we were white.

Today I will go through training and be transported to the village where I'll be staying for two weeks. I'm a bit nervous to see the living conditions like the showers and toilet situations because it is pretty nice at momma Sarah's.

Momma Sarah's house (temporary living)


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