Assignment Day

So today from 9:30-1 we all had orientation.

Honestly, I am a bit overwhelmed but extremely ecstatic.

It started with a song from the volunteer team!

Then we learned some basic Swahili

I apologize for my last post on Mzungu, it is not a white person, it is a English speaker.

And another correction, the baked dough I had for dinner, and breakfast, is actually called mandasi. Of course I have been eating way to much of it, I love bread!

But then I got my assignment:

So it turns out the temporary housing I have been staying at is where I will be homestay for the rest of my trip! I am so happy because other volunteers say Momma Sarah has the best food and the best living conditions.

Here is my bedroom right now it is full but I'll be the only one staying here on weekdays. Today everyone is moving out to their home stays for their programs. Most of them will come back on weekends to take trips like the Kenya tour for sightseeing and the safari.

And lastly here is my gorgeous bath room. Think what you'd like.

I also decided on doing a double program here. Instead of teaching music in school I will be teaching music lessons after school and during the day I can chose to teach: English, Math, Social Studies, and Christian/ religious studies.

Turns out school doesn't start till the 3rd, so I have time to plan.

Every day I will walk 20 mins to Star of Hope community school where I will teach 8-3 then I'll take the 5 min walk to Olympic Academy to teach music as an after school program.

Let me just give you some quick facts on the education here:

Primary (elementary) schooling is free, Upper (high school) is not

Schools have five classes (English, Swahili, social studies, math, and religious studies)

Tying to implement more extra circulars/ art

School isn't required nor regulated by the government

The government only regulates payment of teachers (makes no sense to me)

Most students lack motivation as do the teachers

And last for this post is my lunch!

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