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5/25 - Not a GoodBye, but a See you Later!

May 25, 2018

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Day of Travel

December 30, 2017

Today, or this afternoon, or this evening..... okay this time change has me all sorts of messed up!!!!!
So anywho, Today is my day of travels. I just got off my 8-hour flight from DC to Istanbul. Now waiting for my 4-hour flight to Kenya which will board in about 3 hours. 
The flight, its self, was interesting. I sat next to this super cute old lady that didn't speak any English, but kind of got how Hello, How are you, I thought this was the cutest. We shared laughs when she couldn't get her personal TV to turn on or when I spilled my salad, but my fav was opening the blind to the bright sun light, and she reached over and closed it. Despite taking sleep pills, I only slept about a quarter of the time. While I was awake, attempting to sleep, I watched three movies: Baby Driver, Kingsman Golden Circle, and Great Gatsby (my all-time favorite). Then for dinner, I had this great salmon and rice *see photo. But there's more. There was a medical emergency in first class, I'm pretty sure it was a heart attack because that's what I heard mentioned at least a dozen times. But they got over the intercom and asked for any doctors and anyone that could translate some langauge, I couldn't make out what they said. It was a big deal. I hope the lady was okay. 
Honestly, being in a new country is over whelming, first off every food stand is all in Turkish, no English subtitles. I have concluded I am going to starve and live off the two bags of almonds and goldfish I got in DC. But it's okay because I got STARBUCKS. Fun fact; a medium Starbucks frappuccino costs the same as a large bottle of vodka? This airport is a giant mall that smells like an overly cologned teenage boy; it's giving me a headache. 
I am so excited to land in Kenya and will be posting daily with pictures and videos!






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