Speaking Up

Durning the school year I was given the assignment to write a juxtaposition essay (where the same story is told from two different points of views.) I chose to write about a meaningful topic that I could use outside of the classroom. For a long time, I was looking for the perfect way to bring awareness to sexual assault and rape. The two points of views I used were mine during the trauma and that of my dads looking back at how I changed without him knowing what happened. It then hit me, enter my story into writing competitions, their judges would read and if I won the piece would publish (websites, magazines), and I would read to audiences. All I wanted to do was for people to read my story and that hopefully victims would find help. I just want to help at least one person. I believe I can do that submitting my writings and speaking out. A hard pill to swallow is 1/4 females, and 1/6 males will be a victim in their life time. That is a lot! Even if victims do not report it is still important to get help from a therapist/ counselor. I just did not know where to start or how. When this assignment was given, I knew it was the perfect way to get my voice heard and brought awareness. So far I have won several awards for the price, but this was my first time speaking out about it to a large audience. The mayor of York city was even there, Mayor Kim Bracey! I was a bit nervous, but after sharing my story and statistics on the matter, Mayor Bracey asked me to speak at state hall for sexual assault and rape awareness event, to encourage victims to speak out and to crack down on attackers being convicted. I hope to bring to awareness and to encourage victims to no longer suffer in silence. "Be the change you wish to see in the world." -Gandhi I would like to thank: My English teacher, Dr. Glennon, for helping me write my piece and being so encouraging to help me find my voice. My family for all their support and love!

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