Full Speed Ahead

Everything is looking great! I am so focused on what needs to be done to reach my goals, I have steps set in place. Currently, I put on radio broadcasts twice a week with different genres/ themes. Along with that, I am working on music for my own personal album. On top of that my trip to Kenya is arriving very fast, well to me at least, I leave December 28th. I am just so excited with all I have going on. School starts on Monday and I'm going to be senior in high school but this will be my third year taking college classes. With all the time I have spent in various colleges taking classes I am eager to graduate and move to Uarts already. But in all retrospect I am only 17 and a senior in high school, I have a year left. Surprisingly I am not stressed yet, probably because school hasn't started yet. Honestly, I am just so happy with where I am and where I see myself going.

#dreams #goals #ambitions #college #radio #uarts

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