Multitude Radio Debut

After hosting my own mini segment on Uarts Radio I realized sharing my own personal playlists with others was something I toughly enjoyed. So once I got home I bought all the equipment needed to make the magic happen. First, I chose a date for my radio debut. Then I set up all the software needed to broadcast, made my profile, and coined a name; Multitude Radio, because I listen to multitudes of music. The first hour was music curated and picked by me. Before I went live I picked out all the songs edited them together and added the voice over for intros. The second hour, however, was all live and was requested by listeners. My ambition is to slowly grow my followers/ listeners base. I plan to work up from two hour segments too three hour broadcasts three times a week. My long term goal for Multitude Radio is to have a 24 hour stream. One step at a time, for this next week I will have a 2 hour broadcast and the theme will be alt/ indie rock. I will have a second this coming week that will be three hours long at night, that theme will be uncensored hip-hop and rap.

To listen click here or RADIO tab in the menu.

Thank you to all who listened (all 57)! And thanks so anyone who plans on listening. To learn more about when and where I'll be broadcasting, follow me on all social media platforms which can be found at the bottom of your screen or here.

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