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December 31, 2017- January 15, 2018, I went to Kenya for the first time. I quickly realized that leaving was the hard decision I ever made. It is hard to leave people you care about that are obviously in need. So, I shortly returned May of 2018. To see blog posts and pictures from my trips please click here and a video here. 

It was a no brainer to take my second trip a couple of months later again in May 2018!


My first time I originally went with an open mind and heart, planning on teaching music and a little math. However, I found the need for regular teachers overwhelming. I was placed at Global One Primary School, grades 5-8. This little school is located in the heart of Kibera. Let me give you an overview of Kibera:


There are approximately 2.5 million people living in slums in Nairobi Kenya. Kibera houses about 250,000 of these people. Kibera is the biggest slum in Africa and one of the biggest in the world. There are no modern amenities like electricity or running water. It is known as the city built on trash. The streets are stomped down mud, sewage, and garbage.  Making it very unsanitary 


“Kibera needs land/tenancy rights, housing, water, electricity, health clinics, education, employment, security plus much more. All these issues are being addressed to a lesser or greater extent by many organizations including the Churches, UN-Habitat, MSF and AMREF etc. Money is finding its way through from many international organizations including Gates Foundation, Bill Clinton Foundation, all the well-known charities and of course the churches both in Africa and internationally. However, money cannot help without people to direct it – all the organizations require assistance. They all need intelligent, keen, willing, and compassionate people to help.


In the western world, it has become common for many students to take a Gap Year out before or after university. More mature people are also now taking a year out, away from their everyday life. Many could work in Kibera where they would achieve a real sense of doing some good. Kibera is crying out for people to help.” - Report of the Nairobi Cross-sectional Slums Survey. (NCSS) 2012. Nairobi: APHRC.


I came home with so many memories and stories. It was a learning and growing experience. However, I did not want it to be a one and done type of business. With everything I saw and lived through, it is hard to forget how terrible their living conditions are. I have to KEEP going back… I was supposed to go back this summer 2019 however due to health issues I can not go back. I was so excited to be able to go back and teach full time with music on the side. However, I AM STILL FUNDRAISING $ AND 100% WILL GO TO GLOBAL ONE PRIMARY SCHOOL IN KIBERA KENYA. Even though school isn’t required many kids realize that schooling is their only way out of the slums. I am happy to be apart of changing and bettering children's’ futures. 


Just like for my first trip I am fundraising! Money will go towards purchasing school supplies and other necessities for children like clothing, food, and healthcare. Please open your hearts and find it in you to make a difference. If you have any questions you can contact me at . Thank you and God bless!

From these future trips and donations, I hope that I can just make the tiniest impact on a child's life. Everyone deserves an education and by teaching kids in third world countries, they can learn to better themselves. Education is truly a platform that opens up people's futures.

My goal is $10,000 and that will not be easy to reach, so please consider donating even the smallest amount (every dollar counts).   
 So. thank you for your time and consideration.

***all donations go to Global One Schools and other schools in Kibera***


Money donations can be made here  or you can send checks via mail (to get the address please email me first

If you would like to purchase a bracelet with the phrase "everyone deserves an education" for $2 (all profit goes to donated too) please email me too. 


Thank you in advance for your time. :)