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Kelly Lynn





Miss Graffin is an aspiring concert venue owner and current student at Univerity of the Arts. 


Kelly is in her second year at Univerity of the Arts majoring in music business, entrepreneurship, and technology. With a concentration in business and promotion. In 2018 She finished her final year of high school at York Country Day School (a prestigious private prep. school) and her fifth semester at York College of Pennsylvania. Kelly has just moved into her own apartment in center city Philadelphia and is beyond excited to be attending Uarts and be in such a beautiful city with so many music opportunities.  


Growing up Kelly Lynn was surrounded by a wide range of music. Her dad was a child of the 70s and listened to nothing post The Village People, his favorite and most played artists were and still are Elvis Presley and Bruce Springsteen and the E-street Band.  However, her mom loved to listen to big hair bands, Bon Jovi, Meatloaf, and anything popular on the radio. This is why Kelly has such a diverse taste in music. She listens to everything from Elvis, Pearl Jam, Lady Gaga, to the top rap artist of the month. Kelly has a great appreciation for the evolution of music, genres of all kinds too. 



At the age of 10 after a double bilateral osteotomy on her ankles, she found music and its powers. In sixth grade, she made her acting debut at a local theater company. Once in middle school, she joined her school's choir as well auditioned and was part of their select vocal ensemble. In eighth grade, she made her musical debut in New York City. As a freshman in high school, she knew she wanted to make a career out of her passion, music. So for sophomore year, she transferred to York Country Day School to hone in on music. York Country Day School had spent 14 million on a new performing arts expansion during her first year, so she took full advantage of the music studios, recording studios, and video labs. In June of 2018, she happily graduated with 21 college credits and accepted University of the Arts offer with a $144,000 scholarship ($36,000 a year). 


As an ambitious teenager, she has many goals and believes in always striving to be her best self and good ole fashion hard work. Her current short-term goal is to attend Univerity of the Arts, graduating top of her class, and hold an internship at a venue or promotion company. However, her long-term goals are to turn her love for music into a fruitful, successful career. She wants to impact people, even in just the slightest way, the way music, and performances have impacted her.