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                                          KTP-8 DOUBLE EDGE POLISHING MACHINE

                                          DOUBLE EDGE POLISHING MACHINE is to polish the both straight edges of man-made marble and natural marble product. This machine is reasonably designed with merits such as simple structure, stable performance, easy operation and maintenance. It can greatly improve productivity by finishing the double straight edge polishing work at one time.

                                          POLISHING HEAD NUMBER 8pcs
                                          MAX. POLISHING HEAD DIAMETER 125mm
                                          WORKING WIDTH 30300mm
                                          WORKING THICKNESS 10100mm
                                          WORKTABLE USEFUL LENGTH 3900mm
                                           POLISHING SPEED 0.41.5m/min
                                          WATER CONSUMPTION 200L/min
                                          TOTAL POWER 7.86kw
                                          MACHINE DIMENSION(L*W*H) 4400*2000*1650mm
                                          GROSS WEIGHT 3000kg

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