Profiling Machine
                                          Polishing Machine
                                          Split Bridge Sawing Machine
                                          Whole Bridge Sawing Machine
                                          Diamond Chain Saw
                                          chamfering and polishing
                                          KETE MACHINE will join the RUGAO STONE & EQIUPMENT
                                          Release Date:[2017/5/11]   



                                          THE 2nd CHINA RUGAO INTERNATIONAL STONE AND EQUIPMENT EXHIBITION  ( May, 18-21, 2017, Rugao / China )




                                           In this Specification, the party which is requesting offer shall be defined as İstanbul Mineral Exporters’ Association (referred as “ASSOCIATION”) and the party which is giving offer shall be defined as BIDDER.

                                           SUBJECT OF THE SPECIFICATIONS:

                                           The subject of this Specification is determination of procedure and conditions of performance by BIDDER of construction and decoration services in accordance with ASSOCIATION’s directions regarding THE 2ND CHINA RUGAO INTERNATIONAL STONE AND EQUIPMENT EXHIBITION 2017 FAIR national organization of which is realized by the ASSOCIATION that will be held between 18-21 May 2017 in Rugao/China.


                                          We're looking forward to see you in Ru Gao's International Stone & Equipment Exhibition .



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